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Services focused on your problems.

The office covers a wide range of issues – from criminal law issues, family law to administrative or tax law issues.

The purpose of the services offered is to help you achieve the best result.

Criminal problems

Most of us will face a criminal proceeding in our lifetime.

The procedures can be confusing and will change our lives irreversibly.

I can assist you with criminal matters so that matters do not get out of hand.

From driving under the influence of alcohol/substances to "white collar" crime, they all have their own technicalities.

Fiscal issues

Like it or not, we have to pay taxes, although they are difficult to determine and pay.

Tax issues are a real chore. The services offered by the office can help you manage these issues.

The firm's services cover multiple tax issues that may arise. From resolving minor issues such as forgetting to renew your premises to complex issues such as international asset transfers, VAT, the firm's services can help.

Family problems

Ideally, family means love, safety and comfort. However, sometimes things don't go as we expect.

No one likes to resolve their family issues in court, but when such situations arise, professional help is recommended.

The firm's services cover issues related to divorces, division of assets, custody, guardianship, and other family-related issues.

Society, trade and business issues

Running a business is a challenge. Unfortunately, businesses will suffer when regulations intervene.

Both local and central governments impose a multitude of regulations and penalties on businesses.

Virtually every aspect of your business is regulated.

Knowing your obligations and responsibilities is crucial to the health of your business.

The firm's services can help you with most issues that may arise in your business: from the establishment of the company to its closure, approvals/authorizations, advice on trade regulations, etc.

Property and inheritance issues

Getting properties is not easy. However, maintaining it can generate more problems than expected - conflicts with neighbors, tabulation, cadastre, defects/defects, etc.

We understand how frustrating these issues can be, but they are part of life and must be managed. Not everyone can afford the risk of losing a property, and for many cost containment is crucial.

Even when we want to dispose of properties, things are not simple. Selling or deciding legally how to distribute to heirs have their own challenges.

Intellectual and industrial property issues

Creativity is a key feature of us. During life, people generate a considerable number of ideas and creative works (poetry, novels, paintings, songs, lyrics, scripts, business and industrial models, etc.).

Some of the works may be valuable and require legal protection. Being the author of such works is also demanding and life is full of problems for creative authors.

The services of our office can help you with trademark registrations, patents, designs, models, copyrights, legal deposits for works, as well as other services.

It is worth having a professional by your side for the good management of your rights and freedoms!

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